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I work in animation now, making fart jokes move with computers. 
Hence the lack of... any sort of updates. My bad!
Not like anyone really was pining for this shit anyway?

Being paid to draw fulltime saps alot of the energy on personal projects,
or at the very least personal projects I can show to the public!

Um, so, maybe when I get some work down, I'll start posting it?

Sorry Deviant Art!!!
Hey 2012's gonna be a year! And I'll be doing plenty of conventions and commissions and all of that fun!

I'm going to be tabling at Katsucon which is February 17-19th, so mark your anime calendars, because I certainly plan to be their all weekend!
Not to mention that I'll be posting alot of the work I'll be selling in my gallery, and I'm sure there'll be plenty of surprises at the con too.

Also, hey! I take commissions if anyone is interested, feel free to message me if you're interested and you have and questions! Cause I certainly will need the scratch to drive down to Maryland, haha!
So, Otakon this year was pretty much fantastic, I was pretty much constantly busy and encountering alot of wonderful, crazy and wonderfully crazy people. I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by table M-12 to purchase my sundries and brighten my day!

I need to work on a new business card since I handed out pretty much all of them! Here's hoping I get in to the Artist Alley next year, providing the registration process isn't crazy bananas! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR?!
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SO many goddamned dogs. SO MANY.
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So, I guess I got a Daily Deviation today. That was... shocking to say the least. And I'm glad it's a page I can be proud of, goes to show that maybe I don't have to start drawing lot of naked people to get some views!

I'd like to thank y'all who favorited/watched/pinged/swatched me today. After an exceptionally soul-crushing week, you all certainly lifted my spirits, and I hope you continue to enjoy the work I'll assuredly be posting in the future!
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I'll be down at Katsucon this weekend with my own art-table, wow!

See you kids there!
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As some of you may or may not know, I've assisted the great :iconproffate: in creating a wonderful animation for the wonderful Squiddles Animation on the Squiddles Album! The full animation is currently availible as a bonus when you purchase the full album!

I do contribute lots to MSPaint Adventures' awesome animations, but this is the first time I get paid for it! I hope you guys are interested in it, cause alot of blood, sweat and ink went into it!

I'll be posting some unused production art as soon as I get the go ahead!
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Oh man, Oh wow, and gee golly gosh did Otakon turn out to be a success! I got to thank ever who came out this weekend!

I tabled with my bros: :iconconcentrationmoon:& :icontoxictoothpick: whom were both awesome, and amazing as well. I don't think I could have enjoyed this con as much as I did without them.
Not to mention palling around with the great :iconmynameismad:,
meeting the savory :iconscrotumnose:
and the effervescent :iconvert-is-ninja:
not to mention the name-droppingly sweet :iconshadoboxxer:.

And :iconrickybryantjr: for sharing his sweetass hotel room!

I hope all of you wicked awesome con goers read this and understand the amount of liquid awesome you brought to the table this year! (The table, being mine of course).

So yeah, I'm going next year, what about it.
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Greetings Newcomers and Oldcomers, I once again take my Bi-Annual Deviant Art Check! And I guess I can poop out some artwork for you to enjoy, as well as my latest and great comic adventure:


My experiment takes me into the realms of a continuous storyline, along the lines of a graphic novel, and many trials lie before me! Mostly testing my might in the art of coloring! Anyhow, please check it out and tell me what you think!
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Hello all that stop by! I've not updated in a long, long time, but I figured I might as well, to usher in my newest venture:

The Daily Odyssey!

A Daily Journal Comic where I posted the happenings of the previous day in comic form. I've tried Daily Comics before, but never on such a grand scale. This is the first time I've bought my own webspace, and I need to make it count!
I'll be soon launching, a portfolio website, but first I need to learn Dreamweaver.

So tell your friends and family about The Daily Odyssey and enjoy the crazy happenings and thoughtful insights on life together!
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I haven't posted here in two years. This gallery sucks. Here gallery eat some good work. Nummers.
Hey, I added stuff. Neat, huh? Don't expect this to happen very often.
I've just returned for college, and I'll be home for three months on summer vacation! And you know what that means!
I might actually consider thinking about pondering whether to draw or not!
Here's hoping!
My life feels as if it complete for the first time. I had obtained the Oddworld Inhabitants art book. I've always idolized their art, and now I can whenever I deem it necessary!
Hey kids, what's addictive, drops your grades and has barely any redeeming quality besides making you 'popular' on the internet?
Why, World Of Warcraft of course! Thank god I don't own it. But nearly all my friends on campus do, and it seems that's all they can talk about all god-damned day.

:icondarkbastardangel: Put down the game man!
Well, I've made a gigantic overhaul to my gallery. Hopefully more updates will follow as soon as I find a damn camera or a scanner around here so I can show off the work I've been busting my ass over here in college.